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After Half Term - Week 6 - Final week of Poetry

Week 6


This week in English, you will be completing 2 poems. The first poem will be inspired by the iconic man you were learning about last week, Martin Luther King, Jr.


In 1963, Dr King led a march on Washington and famously delivered his 'I have dream...' speech. During the speech, Martin Luther King passionately spoke about his dreams for a better world, where people would "not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character."


Inspired by this speech, I would like you to create a poem containing your dreams for a better world. This can be about anything that you believe is unfair in the world.


Your second poem for the week is looking at the emotions felt by a World War One soldier as they waited to go 'Over the top' into no man's land. This is something we looked at in detail before Christmas, so hopefully you can remember some ideas from then. If you are struggling at all in remembering what we did then that is absolutely fine. I have included some slides to help you. smiley


I look forward to seeing your last couple of poems! You are all doing so well so keep up the great work! smiley Any questions at all, please just ask.