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Check out how we are getting on with our learning!


In English and guided reading, we are working around the book Journey by Aaron Becker. This is a wordless picture book, so we will be using lots of inference skills to determine what we think is happening from what we see, rather than relying on words to help us. We started off by exploring objects related to the book and predicted what we thought would happen in the story using the objects as 'clues' - much like a detective would. 

We are going to be doing lots of creative writing around this book in the lead up to our extended piece of writing, which will be a narrative. 





In maths we have been studying length and perimeter. We have been refining our ruler skills and become experts in converting between measurements - such as cm, mm, m and km. 

We are becoming familiar with how we can work out the perimeter of a shape using information we are given and also by using our existing knowledge of shapes to help us. 




In Science, we are learning all about materials. We will be looking at the properties of a variety of materials and experimenting with these materials to compare them. We will also be looking at solids, liquids and gases and what the particles look like for each of these. Finally, we will be exploring a variety of separation processes such as filtration, sieving and evaporation. 



In history, we are going to be studying life during Tudor times. We will be exploring a variety of key individuals during this time and comparing the lives of these people to what we experience today. We will be practising our research skills to find out more information for ourselves and then represent this in presentation form to then be able to share our findings with each other. We have started off this unit by sharing what we already know about the Tudors so that we can compare this at a later date.