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In English and Guided Reading, we have been using the story of Ella's Night Lights as a focus. We have listened to the story and used a dictionary to define words we weren't sure of. We now understand what a 'nook' is and what 'delicate' means, as well as being able to identify synonyms of these words. 

We have done some lovely writing around emotions of characters as well as using our senses to describe settings that feature in the book. We are now expert describers!

All of these great skills are leading us up to our final piece of writing which will be a narrative, creating our own version of Ella's Night Lights and the journey that our own character will take to help other people, just like we try to do in our classroom. 


In maths we have been studying place value and our understanding of numbers. We have become experts at being able to partition a number in a variety of ways and have used a rounding rhyme to help us round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and even 1,000!

"1 to 4, slide to the floor. 5 to 9, climb the vine".

Recently, we have been looking at comparing numbers, which includes using the more than (>) and less than (<) symbols to show our understanding of numbers. We are being challenged to explain how we arrived at an answer in order to develop our reasoning skills. 



In Science, we are learning all about electricity. We have started off our unit by exploring what we already know about electricity, especially the dangers that we can face if we aren't careful. We have explored the terms 'man-made' and 'natural' to describe what different types of electricity there is and also what an appliance is and how many different appliances we can think of. In the next few weeks, we will be exploring conductors and insulators, as well as having lots of fun creating circuits and even a special visit from some science experts!


In history we are learning all about the history of film and cinema. We have already had lots of surprises about how much films have changed since the very first one was created. We have ordered key events on a timeline and enjoying watching some film clips from many years ago and discussing what we think. There are lots more things for us to look forward to including: studying key pioneers that were important in creating film and cinema and even a special dress up day to honour the legendary Charlie Chaplin!

Art / DT

In art, we are exploring skills needed for painting. We have been describing existing artwork using visual language and studying what is meant by 'expressionism'. We are aiming to explore how to create motion using paint and create our own painting inspired by Emil Nolde's 'Wildly Dancing Children'.