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Check out how we are getting on with our learning!


In our final unit of English, we are studying the wonderful book of Charlotte's Web! We will be doing lots of work using our VIPERS skills to examine different aspects of the story as we read it as a class. 


We will be discussing key themes that the book raises as we read through it and we will be doing lots of activities that involve us sharing our opinions.


Our final piece of writing will be a discursive piece, that allows us to provide arguments 'for' and 'against' a topic. 





In Maths, we are now finishing our great work on decimals and will be moving onto looking at time. This will be really helpful for us in knowing how many minutes we have until break or lunch time! 


Following this, we will be focusing on statistics and interpreting data in a variety of ways. We have looked at this in various forms in Science, when carrying out experiments, so we should be really good at this already! 


We will finish this year by looking at properties of shape and position and direction! Lots to squeeze in but we can do ityes



In Science, we have just finished studying our unit called 'Animals including humans' where we looked at teeth and did a great experiment using eggs (the classroom did get very smelly though!).


We are now moving onto looking at 'Living Things' and will start off by looking at food chains and food webs. We will start learning key vocabulary such as producer and consumer and will study a variety of animals. 



In Geography, we are enjoying studying Climate Change! So far, we have looked at how this impacts us globally but also locally in the UK.


We have enjoyed create protest banners, learning about the Greenhouse Effect and most recently, being weather reporters in our extreme weather reports!


We look forward to carrying on our studies and exploring how climate change is impacting our world and more importantly, what we can do to stop it!