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English at Coldfair Green Primary

At Coldfair Green, we aim to ensure that every child leaves our school with an enjoyment of the subject, stamina needed for reading and writing and developing resilience through this and the curiosity to take this further.


Progress is measured by children knowing more and remembering more and assessment of the impact of our teaching will be via frequent low stakes testing and summative tests with gaps analysis and extended writing standards assessments, to inform the direction for future teaching.



To engage all learners through a creative curriculum, which develops knowledge about themselves as learners and to have respect for others. For pupils to develop a lifelong love of learning and a desire to reach their own potential.



Prior learning in all subjects will be built upon, ensuring that LOs in all subjects are progressive. Learning will be effectively differentiated and based on gaps analysis. This will ensure that in the long term, knowledge and skills are embedded through a variety of teaching techniques, adapted to the individual needs of the learner.



Our cross curricular learning will allow pupils to make links between subjects and pieces of knowledge. There will be a love of reading and an enthusiasm for writing throughout school, as well as a keen drive to carry out independent learning and research. School will be a positive environment, where all achievements are celebrated.



We believe in building children’s word-reading skills and comprehension, in addition to instilling a love of reading.


We believe that every child can learn to read with the right encouragement and support. Being able to read is a key skill for children, whatever their background. Time is built in for all children to read independently (DEAR Time), read aloud and be read to during the school day.



To enable children to communicate effectively through both the spoken and written word writing needs to be linked closely to reading and oral storytelling. Children are given real purpose for their writing, making it meaningful and engaging.


The design of the curriculum is based on a writing curriculum map which ensures a wide spread of text types are taught across the key stages. The ‘Talk for Writing’ (KS1) approach enables children to internalise the language of writing and effectively imitate it, writing from concrete experience and with confidence and enthusiasm. This ensures deliberate practise/overlearning.