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Final 3 days!

We have made it to the last three days of term! What a year it has been with lots of ups and downs (more ups than downs). 


During these three days, I think it would be great to make it fun! In school we will be carrying out lots of fun activities to celebrate the end of Year One. 


It would probably also be beneficial if you complete some transition work to prepare the children for September if you have not done so already. 


I will be posting some suggestions and possible activities that you might like to do during these three days. 

Fun ideas for home activities:


  • Arts and crafts - the messier and more fun, the better. 
  • Treasure/scavenger hunt.
  • Mini party with family members i.e. musical statues etc. 
  • Make up your own song and dance - perform it.
  • Create a time capsule to remember this strange year. 
  • Build a Lego masterpiece.
  • Go for a long walk and identify the trees that you can see. 
  • Find and decorate some stones. 
  • Create a fruity cocktail using different fruit juices - write a recipe and give it a name. 
  • Have a water fight with family members. 
  • Hold a fashion show. 
  • Have a funny photo shoot - different poses and faces to make people laugh. 
  • Design and make your own board game to play with your family. 
  • Play board games that you already have at home. 
  • Build an obstacle course - try to get a personal best time completing it. 
  • Using chalk outside - fill the pavement with maths facts that you know. 
  • Baking/cooking. 
  • Read your favourite story then act it out. 
  • Invent a new animal or plant species - what would it look like? Where would it live? What would it eat? 
  • Go for a bike ride - what did you see? 

Transition based activities:


  • Write down the things you liked most about being in year one. 
  • Write a list of things you are good at. 
  • Write a list of things you want to learn or get better at. 
  • What are your hopes for year 2?
  • What are you most looking forward to in year 2?
  • Create a "dream box" or jar - write down thing you hope will happen in year 2 - open it at the end of the year and see if it did. 
  • Draw a picture of your friends and write down what you like most about them. 
  • Write down a list of your worries for year 2 - put them away. 
  • Write a letter to me, telling me what you liked about year one or some of the things you learnt. 
  • Write down the things you have enjoyed/liked about being at home. 
  • Create a one page profile - what do you want your new teacher to know about you?
  • Draw a picture of what you think your new classroom might look like? 
  • Read a story about change - talk about it. 
  • Write a letter to your new teacher introducing yourself and telling her anything  you want her to know so that she can help you next year.