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In history, we looked at the crucial role played by the British Commonwealth. At the start of the lesson, we were all tasked with drawing a WW2 soldier. 20 out of 20 of us drew a white soldier, with 17 of us drawing the soldier in a green uniform, a green helmet, and 12 with a rifle and a bayonet. We have since learnt that although this is an accurate representation of millions of soldiers, there were also millions of soldiers who looked very different from this stereotypical image. We then looked in greater detail at the British Commonwealth nations, who made up nearly half of the entire British armed forces! We then displayed what we had learnt in a poster. An example of one of our posters can be seen below:

Looking at the key factors which led to World War Two



To get a sense of where the Victorians and World War Two fall in recorded history, we spent a lesson looking at chronology and our perceptions on the concept of time. We therefore created a to-scale timeline of recorded history on the school field (8,000BC - 2021/present day). On the timeline, we plotted key periods in history, discussing the length of their reign by looking at when they took control and when they finished. We were shocked at how recent events such as World War Two were in the grand scheme of history, and how much of the field was taken up by Ancient Egyptian reign in Egypt (nearly 7500 years!). Below is a picture of us showing the to-scale timeline.