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Home Learner of the Week!

Friday 12th February 2021


Sofia has continually been a superstar throughout the course of her home learning. She has given every activity 100% effort and maintained a positive attitude whilst doing it. Sofia has produced some amazing pieces of writing and has shown some great reasoning skills through her maths. Keep up the wonderful work Sofia!



Alice has worked extremely hard from day 1 of our home learning. There hasn't been a moment where Alice hasn't produced some excellent work and maintained a positive attitude while doing so. Alice has taken part in all activities set and has become a professional at rap songs in music! Keep up the outstanding effort and attitude towards your learning - you're amazing!



Well done Jilbie for another great week of home learning. I am so proud of how much your confidence has blossomed over the last few weeks and it's hard to imagine now that you were ever afraid to send a video of the wonderful learning you've been up to! Jilbie has produced some lovely work and has given every single activity set 100% effort. Keep up the great effort and I hope your confidence continues to grow!


Friday 5th February 2021


Daisy has continued to work like an absolute super star throughout the whole of her home learning! She has completed every piece of work set so far and always makes sure she does it to the best of her ability. Daisy has produced some lovely pieces of writing, showing how creative her ideas really are! Keep up the amazing work Daisy - you have definitely earned your award this week!



Tyler has worked super hard this week and achieved some great work - especially with his maths and English. He has worked really hard on his descriptive writing and maintained a positive attitude towards his maths, even when sometimes it has been a little bit tricky. Tyler has taken on board advice given and made corrections to improve his work where needed. Keep up the great work going into next week Tyler!

Friday 29th January 2021


I have been so impressed with Elsie's attitude towards her learning this week. She has persevered with her maths, even when she has found it tricky and has been producing some lovely writing too! I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing her wonderful videos this week showing how much fun she has been having, including an awesome rap and her experiment on dissolving. Keep up the fabulous work Elsie!



Emily has continued to have a wonderful determination with her work this week. She has produced some amazing pieces of writing that have been in so much detail, it has been a pleasure to read! She has taken part in all of the activities set and even sent some videos over to show how she has been getting on which have been lovely to see. Keep being fabulous across all the subjects Emily - well done!

Friday 22nd January 2021


I have been so impressed by Noah's continued excellent effort towards his home learning this week. He has even managed to get his family involved in the fun and have been creating some music of their own. He continues to take on board advice when given feedback on his work and is doing a great job keeping on top of everything I am setting him! Keep up the great work Noah!



Michael has worked so hard this week in all areas of his work and has even been getting set extra maths challenges each day to really test him. It has been lovely to see how enthusiastic Michael is towards his learning and has even been getting the whole family involved in PE challenges and science experiments. Keep up the wonderful attitude towards your learning Michael!

Friday 15th January 2021


I have been so impressed with Cooper's determination this week. Even when I have sent him work back he hasn't given up and not bothered, he has continued to thrive with his home learning. I am seeing great effort each and every day and I am proud of how well Cooper is getting on! Keep up the great work Cooper!



What a superstar Lily has been this week! Every piece of work she has completed has been to such a high standard that I have been completely blown away! She has given every activity 100% and has shown great resilience and perseverance this week, especially when work has been sent back for minor corrections. Keep up your wonderful attitude towards your home learning Lily!

Friday 8th January 2021


I have been so impressed this week by how Edie has shown great determination and effort towards her learning this week. She has sent me lovely videos showing me what she has been getting up to and has been participating in all areas of learning that I have been setting. Keep up the great work Edie!



Konnie has been really interactive with her learning this week and has taken on board all advice given to her about work she has completed without any fuss. I have been so impressed with her attitude towards her learning and have enjoyed seeing her really get involved in the book that I am reading to the class. Keep up the wonderful enthusiasm towards your learning Konnie!