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Spellings are set every week and we usually test on a Friday. Please remember to practice them at home - 3 times a week (or more) is ideal. 


Summer Term Homework Project

This term the children have been asked to complete an on going project. 

In addition to this I will be setting smaller activities to be completed which will support the children in their learning. Please check Seesaw regularly for updates. 


Thank you. 

A fantastic example of the Life Cycle homework.



Don't forget your science homework is due in on Monday 14th December. 


if you have completed it already, feel free to bring it in early and we can add it to our display. Well done to the children that have already bought it in. 

Science homework

Due in: 14th December


Your homework for this half term is to investigate the life cycle of a given animal (see below). Part of our science this half term is to learn about the human lifecycle and how young children resemble their parents. By researching an animal, it will provide a good opportunity to compare animals to humans.


You may use books and the internet to research but your presentation must be your own. It would be lovely to see some hand drawn pictures but you may print some pictures off if you choose to. I expect any wording to be handwritten.


Please do not just print off a diagram and do nothing with it as this is an opportunity for discussion, investigation and to present your findings.


(Please see your homework book for your animal)

Invention homework - just a few examples of the amazing homework completed this half term!


Spellings will be tested tomorrow instead of Friday due to a change of plans in school. The children should have had enough time to practice them at home but this will be taken into consideration. 


Also, a reminder that homework is due on Monday 19th October (next week). 





You will notice that we have not set any spellings for this week. We are changing the way that we teach phonics slightly and also changing some of the groups. For this reason, are having a week with no spellings.

Autumn Term 1 – Homework project (Complete)


This year, the children in Year 1 will be given a big homework project to be completed over the course of each half term. This is in addition to weekly spellings and the expectation that they are reading at home daily.

This homework is designed to be completed in small chunks over the course of several weeks so please do not feel the need to rush and complete it all one sitting.



An alien from another planet has come to visit! They are really confused and don’t know what any of our inventions are.

Please choose an invention to research (This can be anything at all!). Find out some interesting facts and then present them in your chosen way.

Some ideas include: a poster, leaflet, model or PowerPoint.


Due in: 19th October 2020