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My Butchers PE Challenges

Challenge 8 - Skipping

This is the 8th PE Challenge for the pupils of Coldfair Green

Challenge 7 - Synchronised Swimming

This is the 7th PE challenge for the pupils of Coldfair Green

Challenge 6 - Jogging Treasure Hunt

This is the next PE Challenge from Mr Butcher for the Coldfiar Green pupils to have a go at at home.

Challenge 5 - Ball Skills

This is the next PE challenge for the pupils of Coldfair Green to partake in depending on their age and ability

PE Challenge 4 - Hand and Eye Co-ordination

This is your 4th challenge from Mr Butcher -Have fun!

Coldfair Green - Mr Butcher's PE Challenges

These are challenges set up by Mr Butcher, PE Teacher at Coldfair Green Primary School in Suffolk, for his pupils to try whilst the school is closed.

Make a Ninja Obstacle Course

This is your first challenge, make sure that you check what you'd like to do with an adult first and ask them to make sure that its safe for you to use. Don'...

Climb a Mountain Challenge

Children, this is your second challenge, this may take you a a few weeks to complete, please read the information sheet first before starting this challenge,...

Agility and fitness challenge - Challenge 3

This is the next challenge for Coldfair Green School pupils. Please remember to warm up first and have fun!