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Phonics / Reading

NOTE: The 2021 Phonics screening check has been cancelled.

Although this is the case it is important for the children to know all the sounds/ graphemes and different pronunciations to enable them to read in all other areas.


It is important that the children pronounce sounds correctly.

Here is a link to How to pronounce pure sounds by Oxford Owl


We encourage the children to develop a love of reading.

Please try to read and discuss books with your child daily if not, as often as you can. 

This will help with their fluency and understanding of the texts the encounter within school and outside of school.




Spellings are different for each pupil in KS1 depending on their phonics group.

They will be given on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

Please practise at 3 times throughout the week.


Spellings will be based on sounds the children are learning the week before the test.

Please note - words that do not fit in this will be common exception words - see below for a list of the Common Exception words children should know by the end of Year 1 and Year 2


NOTE: Occasionally it may be that we have to test a day earlier due to something unexpectedly happening on the Friday, however where possible we will keep it as routinely as possible.