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You should be reading regularly with your children (daily is recommended). 

Some of the benefits to reading with your children include:


  1. Their vocabulary is larger and more extensive.
  2. They perform better academically.
  3. Their imagination can run wild.
  4. Their creativity skills develop.
  5. They develop empathy.
  6. They gain a deeper understanding of their world.
  7. Their concentration levels improve.
  8. The parent and child bond improves.
  9. Their cognitive development is supported.
  10. Their social skills and interaction improve.


When you listen to your child read, please make a note in their orange reading diary. This helps us to monitor their progress and to help us support them in school. 

Top Tips for reading at home

Phonics Screening:


The phonics screening check for year two will take place in the second half of the autumn term. 


"The autumn check is intended to ensure that year 2 pupils who need support in learning to decode using phonics are not missed."


Year 2 pupils who do not meet the expected standard in the 2021 autumn check will be expected to take the statutory check in June 2022, alongside year 1 pupils.



The children will have regular access to our school library where they can browse lots of lovely books and select some to take home to read. 

Book reviews will be provided for the children as an option to complete. 


Please remember that books should be treated with respect. Book should be returned to school in good condition so that other children are able to enjoy them. 


Useful links/information:


Click on the links below to access some useful information about supporting your children to read.