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Each week the children will have a spelling session 4 out of 5 days of the week (the other day is for languages). In this session we spend 20 minutes looking at different spelling patterns and have a go at a variety of activities/games. The children are separated into smaller groups based on their spelling ability. 


The children will receive a list of spellings to learn and then be tested on these the following week. It is really important that you get involved with helping your child practise their spellings and help them with any errors they are making.

A good technique to use as a starting point is 'Read, Cover, Write'. This is where you practise reading the word first and studying its spelling. Then you cover it with your hand and have a go at writing it from memory. Once your child is more confident with this you can test them at random points of the day and also mix up the list so that they do not memorise the order of the words - this will really test how well they have retained their spellings!


You can find some more useful strategies in the attachment below!