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Week Beggining 20th July - Last 3 Days' Fun Tasks!

Fun Tasks


For the last 3 days, I have uploaded a range of fun tasks for the children to enjoy. For one of the days, the children have a year 5 memories page to complete. This is something I would love the children to share with me, as their answers to some of the questions might be very useful for me to know going into next year. For the next day, I have created a 'Free choice' folder. This is made up of a range of different activities which the children can pick from (they can do as many or as few of these as they like). If the children would prefer to do a different activity which is not on the list provided, this is also absolutely fine. smiley


For the last day, the children have a year 5 quiz to complete! This is the activity I would really recommend the children doing, as this should be very fun! With the quiz, they could play against family members or friends, and it would be great to hear their scores! smiley


These activities can be done in any order and I hope the children enjoy them. They have all worked so hard and have done incredibly with all their home learning, so I hope they have a brilliant Summer holiday after this! smiley