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week eight

Sunflower Seeds Germination and Growth Time Lapse - Sunflower Seeds Germination and Growth Time Lapse ov...

Skwirk: How Plants Grow - Science / Year 2 / Science Understanding / Biological sciences / ACSSU030

A short animation introducing the concepts from ACSSU030 for Year 2 students. Skwirk Online Education: Uniquely Australian resources aligned to the Australia...

Sesame Street: Grover Talks About Plants

Your cute, furry, blue, gardening monster Grover is here to tell you all the things plants need to grow and stay healthy. A plant needs sunlight and soil. Wh...

Australian Animals | Animals for Kids | Weird Wild Animals

Do you know what kinds of animals live in Australia? They're pretty different from the animals in the rest of the world. Kangaroos, Koalas, Wallabies, Wombat...