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week five

Please continue to stay fit and get lots of exercise. We are due to have some lovely weather again this week so I am sure it would be a great opportunity to get outside in the garden, go for bike rides or some nice long walks. 


Remember that if you need some ideas, you can take a look back at some of the resources I posted in previous weeks, or have a go at Mr Butchers challenges. 


I would love it if you could have a go at the first aid activities provided by the red cross and I have also added a link for some mindfulness breathing activities. 


Other things that you might like to do this week:

  • Make some fruit kebabs.
  • Help with some gardening. 
  • Paint or decorate some stones. 
  • Draw a picture and write a note - deliver it to a neighbour
  • Invent a new meal or a drink (i.e by mixing some different squash or juice together)
  • Play outside with water! 
  • Get messy! (mud/dirt, playdough, paint, flour, you name it!)