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week ten


The children can continue to practice their reading in the form of playing phonics games online – the links can be found under the phonics section on the website under year one class page.

Hopefully you all still have the flash cards that I sent home before we closed. If not, do let me know and I will send you a copy over. These will come in really handy for a short daily phonics practice. Some examples of how to use them:

  • Flashcards – get the children to see how quickly they can correctly read each phoneme (sound).
  • Make up a word – select a phoneme and see how many words they can think of that contain that phone.
  • Pseudowords (monster words) – play a game and make up silly monster words for a particular sound/phoneme.
  • Splat!- the children love this game. Spread out a selection of the phonemes. Shout out a phoneme and the children need to find and splat them. You might be able to come up with a way to compete against each other over face time or with siblings.
  • Phoneme hunt – a treasure hunt with phonemes.
  • Shoot the phoneme – perhaps not done with the paper (unless you make extra copies) – pin up or draw some phonemes on a wall and shoot them (a water gun outside or a nerf gun inside).