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week two

I don't have any specific books to read or tasks this week so please refer back to week one should you want ideas. 


Continue reading as much as you can - it is up to you whether you want to keep a log or not. Just as if we were at school still, I expect you to be reading every day. I appreciate this might be more difficult if you do not have as many appropriate books, but it is perfectly acceptable to share reading. Find a book and read together, getting the children to read the words that you feel are suitable. 


You could also try to find some more traditional tales to read. Perhaps you would like to either draw a picture of the characters, or write a short description of the story and show me. Do you have a favourite traditional tale? 


If you do not have any at home you could try looking at one of the websites that have recently opened up for free during this period of lockdown. I know that there are lots on Twinkl. Any problems, let me know!