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What are we learning?

What are we learning?

Week commencing 6th September 2021

English - Five Minutes Peace. Using capital letters for names, creating story maps and information posters.

Maths - Sorting objects, representing objects, counting.

Science - Exploring scientific language around making predictions and measuring.

Computing - Creating instructions.

Art - Self portraits in pencil.

Music - Identifying the rhythm of a song.

PE - Exploring moving objects quickly.

History - Exploring toys of today.

Geography - Naming the seasons.


Week commencing 13th September 2021

English - Boris and Sid Make A Mess. Guided reading, building sentences, using finger spaces and full stops.

Maths - Counting forwards and backwards, one more and one less.

Science - Identifying how people change over time, looking at baby photos of the class.

Computing - Exploring algorithms.

D & T- Wooden spoon puppets.

Music - Identifying the pulse of a song.

Forest School - Setting boundaries, slack line, hammocks.

History - Researching toys our parents played with.

Geography - Observing and recording the weather.


Week commencing 20th September 2021

English - Knuffle Bunny. Writing speech bubbles, retelling stories, making story maps.

Maths - Comparing amounts, using greater and less than signs.

Science - Identifying how we hear and other senses.

Computing - Exploring algorithms.

Art- Using colour to portray emotions in a portrait.

PSHE - Describing feelings.

Music - Identifying the basic style indicators of hip hop.

PE- Checking our fitness levels.

History - Comparing toys from today with toys in the early 20th century.

Geography - Exploring why the length of the day varies from season to season.


Week commencing 27th September 2021

English - Writing independent stories from plans, including a start, middle and end, creating a 'book'.

Maths - Ordering sets of objects, exploring ordinal numbers, endow unit maths test.

Science - Classifying foods by their properties using our senses.

Computing - Programming.

D & T - Making a split pin doll.

PSHE - Describing feelings.

Music - Identifying the basic style indicators of hip hop.

Forest School - Slack lines, rope swing, hide and seek animals.

History - Comparing toys from today with toys in Victorian times.

Geography - Designing a weather station and predicting rainfall.


Week commencing 4th October 2021

English - What You Shouldn't Do Before School, What You Shouldn't Do At SchoolWriting and responding to questions, writing statements and commands.

Maths - Completing part-whole models, exploring fact families and number bonds.

Science - Exploring our senses and how living without one impacts our lives.

Art- Using collage materials to create abstract portraits.

PSHE - Talking about how to resolve disagreements.

Music - Comparing classical pieces with hip hop.

PE- Running, jogging, changing direction quickly, spatial awareness.

History - Recognising how toys have changed over time.


Week commencing 11th October 2021

English - What You Shouldn't Do Before School, writing questions and commands, reading aloud in a group, writing opinions, story scribing.

Maths - Number bonds to 10.

Science - Making sensory bottles.

D & T - Making pom-poms.

Music - Playing instruments in time with music.

Forest School - Den building.

History - Using words to describe the passing of time when looking at the history of toys.

Science - Making sensory bottles

Art - exploring the works of Picasso, part of our Portraits project.



Today we explored using our 5 senses. We talked about what out 5 senses are and how we use them to explore. In groups, we then explored some fruits and vegetables and decided to classify them according to their colour, size, weight and feel. Then we tasted some of the fruit and vegetables. We all agreed that watermelon was the sweetest.

Dance Day!

The children took part in a dance class. They explored movement linked to George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.

Dance Day

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