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Learning to play the glockenspiel

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Monday 5th July 2021

STEM afternoon


Today we carried out two different experiments. 

First we completed the "walking water" experiment to explore capillary action. This experiment taught us how plants are able to pull water upwards from the ground. 


It was also interesting in exploring different colours and how we can mix primary colours to make secondary colours. 

We also carried out an experiment using skittles. We made predictions by deciding whether they would dissolve faster in warm or cold water and also predicted which colour would dissolve first. 

We found out that skittles dissolve much faster in warm water than in cold water. The first colour to dissolve was the yellow and the last colour to dissolve was the red. 

June 2021 - Geography. We measured how tall the trees are.

June 2021 - ICT - We are programmers

24th May - Today we tasted different plants that we can eat.

20th May - We went on holiday! Today we went on a plane, and explored different parts of the world that need protecting. It was lots of fun!

Counting to ten in German

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DT - Designing a machine

Geography - Learning the names of continents through song.

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DT - 20/4/21 - We made a bug hotel!

19/4/21 - Science - Labelling the parts of a plant

Messages from Nature Presenters

We made shields! Look how fierce and brave we are!

Exploring colour by mixing paint.

geography - looking at atlases to explore physical features

This week we had a "spooky week" where most of our learning had a spooky theme. In English we wrote our own "spooky spells", in maths we were solving addition problems about ghosts and pumpkins, in art we painted some cool pumpkins and in science we carried out a spooky experiment. Take a look!