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What are we learning?

What are we learning?

Week commencing 23rd May

English - Writing reports and recounts. 

Maths - Finding a quarter of objects and of numbers.

Science - Trip to RSPB Minsmere to explore plants.

Forest School - Making swings.

Art - Drawing natural objects .

RE - Pentecost

RSHE - Local Heroes and The Queen's Jubilee 




RSPB Minsmere - 24th May 2022

Maypole Dancing - 29th April 2022

Making Easter nests - 5th April

Tortoise Visit - 14th March 2022

What are we learning?

Week commencing 14th March 2022

English - Beegu. Picking key words from the story. Writing captions for images. Writing a diary. 

Maths - Comparing length and height of objects.

Music - Playing instruments in time with music.

Forest School - 123 Where are you? Drawing trees and taking tree rubbings.

History - Looking at the origins of space exploration.

Geography - Locating the school and our villages on maps.

Science - Sorting animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

DT - Looking at food groups and healthy plates.



1st February 2022 - Painting in the style of Jackson Pollock.

18th January 2022 - Art and Design. We have been exploring the work of Mark Rothko, exploring his use of colour and mixing our own colours.

16th November 2021 - Art and Design. We have been exploring the work of van Gogh, exploring his use of brushstrokes and colour and then making our own

12th November 2021 - The Great Fire of London. Making bread to remind us that the fire started in a bakery.

10th November 2021 - Story maps for The Queen's Hat.

4th November 2021 - English - reciting rhymes by heart.

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Science - Making sensory bottles

Art - exploring the works of Picasso, part of our Portraits project.



Today we explored using our 5 senses. We talked about what out 5 senses are and how we use them to explore. In groups, we then explored some fruits and vegetables and decided to classify them according to their colour, size, weight and feel. Then we tasted some of the fruit and vegetables. We all agreed that watermelon was the sweetest.

Dance Day!

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The children took part in a dance class. They explored movement linked to George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.