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What have we been learning?


In English, we are on our last stretch of this book now! We have really got every single ounce of 'goodness' out of this book that we possibly can and got some amazing writing out of it too! We are now working towards writing a persuasive letter based on Mr Stink and using persuasive devices to encourage our reader to agree with the points we are making. We have been looking at the features of persuasive writing and are in the process of working on our speech-giving skills to persuade our audience to agree with us too. We love a bit of drama in Class 5!


In Maths, we are coming towards the end of looking at fractions. We will next be looking at decimals and the Year 5 children will also be exploring percentages alongside this too. We have become experts at fractions and although we were negative towards exploring this area of maths at the beginning of the unit, we are now so much more positive as a class. We are now going with the phrase that 'Math is no prob-llama!' and Miss Pegg has even wore a t-shirt in lessons with this exact saying on it to keep up our spirits!


Miss Pegg has been letting us draw on the tables again - but all in the name of maths! 


In science, Year 4 and Year 5 are working separately this half-term. Year 4 will be looking at electricity and in particular how circuits work. So they will be getting their hands on some equipment and exploring which materials are conductors and which ones are insulators. 

Year 5 are exploring 'Animals Including Humans' and exploring how we change from being a foetus all the way up to old age. We are even bringing in baby photos so we can compare how much we have changed from then to now. 


This half-term, we are still continuing with our great geography topic of climate change. We have been studying extreme weather that is caused by climate change. During our lesson on this, we did some drama and created our own 'extreme weather report' in small groups (see photos below). For homework, the children had the opportunity to create either a model or a poster to explore a type of extreme weather in more detail. Please visit the homework tab of our class page to check out the photos of the amazing work that was produced - so impressed! In the next few lessons, we will continue to look at the impact climate change has on our world and what we can do to improve this. 


Art & DT

In art we are looking at 3D/sculpture. We are studying the work of various artists to inspire us in our work, whilst using a range of materials to create these sculptures. These include playdough, wires, pipe cleaners, carboard and plastic bottles. You can see the result of our first lesson using playdough in the photos below which were inspired by the work of Henry Moore. 


Curriculum Plans

Below are the curriculum plans for this academic year - these plans are based on our NEW themes. These themes are what our planning across the curriculum are based around. We have tried to link this theme across subjects to ensure we have a rich cross-curricular approach to our learning. As you can see on our plans, we have our curriculum drivers which we also hope to embed throughout our learning too! We aim to promote resilience, a sense of community and awareness of the wider world and aspiration. 


The activities highlighted on these plans are a guideline and not necessarily in the order that they will be taught in.