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Year One Chaffinch Watch

An empty nest and some baby birds with fuzzy hair and grumpy faces! So cute!

So close to flying!

The babies (four we think) are hiding out in the hedge. They are still being fed by mum and dad but very close to leaving.

We have fledglings!

Today we saw this little bird hop out of his nest. He is now hiding in the hedge with his brothers and sisters.

Chaffinches getting big now!

look how big there are now! It looks like this one is hanging on to the plant to stop him from falling out! The nest is definitely a tight squeeze now!

Blackbird collecting mealworms

We have been watching the birds this morning and put some food out for them. Our blackbird is very happy that he has some food without having to hunt for it. He has been taking it all back for his own babies.

Baby chaffinches growing up fast!

On Friday the babies were stretching their wings and moving about alot. We think they wont have long left before they fledge the nest.

Today (monday) I came in this morning and I think I saw one fly off! It is difficult to see the next today because the leaves have grown and covered it up!

Chaffinch nest

Clever Miss Neale managed to get a close up of our baby Chaffinches today whilst mum and dad were out looking for food. How many can you see?

Mummy Chaffinch feeding her babies

We have a chaffinch nest outside our classroom window!
If you look closely, you should be able to spot the mummy bird feeding her babies. Look in the center of the screen through the gap in the leaves.

Daddy Chaffinch feeding his babies.

Keep looking carefully! Mum and Dad chaffinch have been very busy!