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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

The admission arrangements to schools in Suffolk for the 2021/2022 school year are now on the county council’s website. 


They can also be found below.

The Local Authority is responsible for admissions to the school in the reception year group, and decides if a child can be admitted. Details of the policy and procedures are in the ‘Schools in Suffolk’ booklet. Please follow the links below to apply for places this academic year. Parents should contact the school directly on 01728 830649 to find out the admissions arrangements for this school.  As an academy with The Evolution Academy Trust in – year applications are handled directly by the school for children in Years 1-6 and Suffolk County Council continue to deal with admissions to high school.

Admission forms are available from the school for in – year applications in Years 1-6.


Children moving into the area and needing to start school mid-term should contact the school. Parents will be invited to bring their child / children in to visit the school and will be provided with the relevant documentation about the school and how to make an application. This will be reviewed and a decision communicated to parents within ten working days of receipt of the completed application form.


The following website provides information which you may want to consider if moving schools within Suffolk or moving to Suffolk for the first time. Applications for school places should be made directly through the school office as the school is an Academy.

All children may attend school full-time in the September following their fourth birthday. Children do not have to go to school full-time by law until the term after their fifth birthday, the choice lies with parents/carers in discussion with the school about how best to meet the needs of the child and family.


A meeting is held for parents of the new reception class intake during the term before the children start. This forms part of the induction for new children. Children joining the reception class intake have the opportunity to make several visits to the school, to spend a morning in their new class and make new friends, to have lunch and to become familiar with the school and classroom.  They are paired with older ‘buddies’ and all of the children children take great pleasure in welcoming new friends.


We strongly encourage parents to visit the school if they are considering enrolling their children at Coldfair Green. Please telephone the school on 01728 830649 to book an appointment. We are confident that once you see us in action you will want your child to join us for their learning.


What are our Admission Arrangements for Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities?


The arrangements for the admission of pupils with Special Needs or disabilities to gain admission as pupils to Coldfair Green Community Primary  School fall within our duties under the Equality Act 2010 and are the same as those applied to all pupils. Admission is in the first instance arranged by application to the school, or to the local Education Authority for a place in the reception intake. If successful, Coldfair Green  then receives notification that a child has been allocated a place for the reception year, or if application is directly through the school parents will be notified within ten school days of the success of their application.


Coldfair Green Community Primary School will take steps to prevent disabled pupils from being treated less favourably than other pupils. We will use our best endeavours to ensure that no child is unable to attend Coldfair Green Community Primary because of any special need or disability. In order to promote equality of opportunity for disabled children we will make reasonable adjustments (including the provision of auxiliary aids and services) to prevent them being put under a disadvantage.


In practice we ensure that classroom and extra-curricular activities encourage the participation of all pupils, including those categorised as having Special Educational Needs and / or disability.  Staff organise human and physical resources within the school to increase access to learning and participation by all pupils.


Existing facilities provided to assist access to the school by pupils with disabilities:


  • Wheelchair access onto school grounds at the main entrance
  • Disabled parking is available near the main entrance.
  • The building is on one level
  • Wheelchair access into the school at the main entrance.
  • Exterior lighting to improve evening access.
  • Access to a disabled toilet.


Please also see the Accessibility Policy and the Schools SEND Information Report as well as Suffolk’s Local Offer.