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Coldfair Green Community Primary School

Community, Aspiration, Resilience

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Our Curriculum Drivers

Community and the Wider World

We want our children to develop a sense of pride in themselves and respect for others. We believe that they need to have highly developed emotional literacy and excellent manners, in order to experience positive relationships. We believe in the power of the school community to change and enhance lives. We see ourselves as part of the global community and believe in the importance of knowledge about communities beyond our immediate doorstep. We encourage opportunities to experience diversity and to learn about the environment and sustainability.



We are passionate about the physical and mental health of our children. We want our children to have the ability to be happy and successful again, after something difficult or bad has happened. We will use aspects of competition to develop confidence and allow children to manage real risks and have fun.



Children cannot aspire to things they have not encountered. We will work to broaden our children's horizons; expanding their knowledge of the world by nurturing their interests as well as encouraging fearlessness of what is new or unknown. We will encourage our children to use their imagination, own initiative and to develop an inquiring mind. We will link our learning to real life contexts.